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Sony Black STH30 Waterproof Stereo Headset Headphones Water Resistant Review


Sony Black STH30 Waterproof Stereo Headset Headphones Water Resistant Review

Recently, The highlights of STH30 is the design that is quite similar to Apple’s earpod and water resistant IP57 standards. You have to note that, this standard means STH30 can withstand 30 minutes under water 1m depth. To get the best sound, the speaker of the headset STH30 need to be dry at room temperature for up to three hours after contact with water.

Sony Waterproof Headphones

Sony Black STH30
Sony Black STH30 Waterproof
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Sony Waterproof Headphones
Sony Black STH30

- Design: 8.5
- Sound Quality: 9.0
- Features: 8.5
- Value: 8.5

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  • Frequency response 20Hz – 20000Hz
  • Nominal Impedance 18 Ohm
  • Connector 3.5 mm audio jack

Build and Accessories

As I said in the beginning, the STH30’s design is quite similar to earpod, but just like in the back, flip up front is Sony typical and the quality sound is completely beyond, I would say it in later. Housing parts are made ​​entirely of plastic, through one point of detail as the fade out is made of metal, and parts are painted chrome Sony logo printed on light metal ball is very beautiful.

sony STH30 review

Especially, the STH30 has three colors, including white, black, and purple particularly dreamy.


The designed of STH30 is 1 short and 1 long wire cord to wear around the back of the neck, neat and comfortable on the ears than fixed. Section L-shaped jack made ​​anti-submarine off, first rose gold plated jack transmission capacity.


Especially, STH30 have the mic and remote control fully compatible for Android, iOS supports only mic and answer button for other operating systems, I never had the chance to try. The functions while calling: to answer and hang up; while listening to music: play, pause, foward and back

Accessories are only slightly less likely to have a clothespin and piles of books, but also accessories Sony cut to reduce costs for users to access the product easier.

Comfortable listening level is also very good, not too big like the Sennheiser earbuds, so a high comfort level, those who are not used to wearing in-ear also very comfortable to wear STH30.

Sony Black STH30 Waterproof Stereo Headset Headphones Water Resistant Review

Since STH30 put up my ears was very surprised with the quality of its sound, the sound clear and detailed, good bass range.

Bass: just wear it when I saw this STH30 lack of bass too little volume, lack of body that does not have power, when, after the bit about putting headphones, earphones deeper closer to the ear, the bass is very different . Bass range has more power, to say that he is always strong, volume, and power are very moderate, not too much and tail as NE700 or CX300ii. In fact this bass very compact, even compared to the E10 and the headset also price range. Control speed and pretty, check out this mouth bite, focused, but not for the type of music but bass too nhanh- but that in this price range, such as speed and control is pretty good.

Mid: This strip of STH30 not backward nor forward, the reality is quite neutral and not be colored, however the mid STH30 not dry out or spikes, still have a certain texture to the music easily be heard , STH30 have too high hit in mid-section should hear a female voice with a little fly.

Treble: This part of STH30 up to, but not harsh and lose control, good details, I hear treble feel very full, airy feeling for sound quality, probably due to being hit in the upper treb Teo Teo , this treb sound decay is not very long, but shows as cybal but still pretty instrument, or stringed instruments still have a certain level of excellence. Its that Sony produces a treb still easy to hear with everyone without missing causing the lack of open space cramped.

And detailed soundstage: to say the soundstage is a plus point of STH30, perhaps due to the earbud design its hybrid that STH30 be beneficial, very airy sound, in-ear eat off much the same range as the NE700 or CX300ii . Details of STH30 also very pretty with a full band by treble, showing full range details, price and sound quality as this has nothing to blame.



Comes with the same design, but Sony provides an entirely different sound, far better than earpod, this is also one of a handful of Sony products with strong bass, good sound quality, clear sound make yourself clear excited, unlike many other models focus more on the bass range, but the whole range of development STH30 fully expressed, but not designed to sound as good as the in-ear but STH30 benefit of the airy and comfortable to use, but a great solution for anyone not used to using in-ear that needs good bass.



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