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Sony Launches The ‘top’ Headphones On The Market


Sony Electronics Vietnam will launch their new headphones line of to markets including tucked in headphones (in-ear) and hooded headset (headphones) even in May.

In addition, Sony also will upgrade the headset line with the diverse categories as XBA: Balance Armature, XB: Extra Bass, NC: Noise Cancelling, AS: Active sport, TV / home theater headphones, Mass. multiple models to meet the different needs of each customer.

Among the new models that Sony introduced in this year, the highlight is the most advanced model MDR-1 headset line with the Bluetooth connection or noise-canceling technology. In addition, a representative of the fashion line Fontopia headphones with a youthful design and more color options.

MDR-1R is the optimal choice


MDR-1R is the optimal choice
The high-end headphones line, Sony MDR-1, is composed of three representative model MDR-1R / B, MDR-1RBT and MDR-1RNC with different integrate technologies. Premium leather and plastic are two of the main materials are selected to make Sony MDR-1. Sony uses black leather for the portion facing the first round and two clusters ear while plastic is used for the remaining components. MDR-1 only uses dark tones like black, gray adds elegance to the product.

All three are equipped with Sony speaker grills made from liquid crystal polymer film to help accurately reproduces the sound as well as high-level tonal balance to minimize vibration in the diaphragm status. In addition, Sony also uses speaker (driver) high quality HD for all three new headphones in the MDR-1 lines to increase bandwidth sound.

When directly compared to MDR-MA500 or MDR-ZX700, MDR-1 is superior in bandwidth from 4Hz to 80.000Hz two headphones while MA and ZX series are only 8-25.000Hz and 5 -40.000Hz. When the frequency range is wider, the most visible advantages are that the listener can feel the sound clear but extremely low or extremely high.

Catching preference headphones selection with good bass on the part of customers, Sony equipped new technology on MDR-1 in which they called Beat Response Control for expanding the vents behind each speaker (driver ) in headphones to bring great bass and drums beating extremely excited to hear the music.

The MDR-1RBT Model is wireless Headphones that operate via Bluetooth connection works, as well as NFC technology. With an NFC device available, people can listen with headphones touch devices connected and ready to enjoy music via Bluetooth.

Meanwhile, the MDR-1RNC is noise technology headphones with two noise digital sensor inside. Both are well integrated to S-Master amplifier by Sony apparatus as well as enhanced of DSEE digital audio to deliver realistic sound and the best player.

MDR-E9LP featuring youthful colors and compact thermometer.

MDR-E9LP featuring youthful colors and compact thermometer.

If MDR-1 is a high-end headphones with the perfect sound, the MDR-ZX headphones is higher mobility with a folding design. ZX100 will be representative of this line of headphones is Sony brought to market in Asia. Products with speaker (driver) with a size of 30 mm for the clearest sound. This is a suitable headset for those who need a headphone has high mobility, easy to carry them along.

MDR-ZX100 features a slim design contour hugging head with folding mechanism makes storage compact users can use a headset when not to. Because the headset line high mobility and youth should ZX100 many more color options like pink, red, blue, white, black or gray.

MDR-XB400 with flexible rotation designed to help users to enjoy music anywhere.


MDR-XB400 with flexible rotation designed to help users to enjoy music anywhere.

A sample of upcoming Sony headphones that will be sold is MDR-E9LP of the Fontopia fashion line. MDR-E9LP is in-ear headphones with a youthful and colorful design. E9LP have cluster’s speaker (driver) with dimensions of 13.5 mm, accompanied by two earpad, Neodymium magnet is used for headphones that reproduce powerful bass and the most honest.


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