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Sony MDR-ZX300 Review: A Good Noise Cancelling Headphones


The Design and Sound quality Of Sony MDR-ZX300

Sony MDR ZX300 Review

Sony MDR – ZX300 is a powerful and live sound headphones, convenient portable with slim design, lightweight.

MDR – ZX300 can not be folded, but these headphones also have extremely flexible ear joints, you can twist two earcup to every different direction.

This will help Sony MDR – ZX300 is more less “waste area” in some cases. The thing that makes most impressive of these Sony Headphones is the earcup cover that designed with circular concentric metallic look very “hypnosis”. When you tilt the product to a different angle, lighting effects and changed are interesting.


Sony MDR-ZX300 headphones reviewSony MDR-ZX300 headphones review

About sound quality, Sony MDR-ZX300 is superior in every way. The Bass is not too “shallow” as the Sony MDR-NC7, instead of drums have more power and “more heavy”. Experiment with You Walk Away – tyDI feat, Audrey Gallagher, much bass music, drum shock in the first 2 minutes of the song pretty “pulse” and powerful.

Sony MDR-ZX300 has a little quiet Sound quality, that is warmer than Sony MDR-NC7, but still somewhere in the mid-late show good bass, not the sound of the subwoofer. In music where there is the presence of stringed instruments have the large barrel (spring term or stand-up bass guitar), big drums, broken sound and it’s very difficult to wear the headset on the ear than 1 minute.

At the same songs of Hammerklavier, the high range sound is outperformed than Sony MDR-NC7, the piano sound is more transparent. However, for my personal sense, the sound is only “acceptable” and not really impressive. We have a speed tested, we test with the songs of rockers Pendulum. The style of this group is all rock with drum speed that is very fast and powerful, well suited to test the ability to ‘catch up’ speed of music headphones. With the “Water colour – Pendulum”, Sony MDR-ZX300 has revealed little of its weaknesses: These drums are somewhat mixed up together, and a little “to” both the medium and high sound.

Sony MDR-ZX300 headphones review

Sony MDR-ZX300 Pros and Cons


  • The sound was slamming, extraordinary recurrence appropriation (the sound extent is great) and they are truly noisy. They look great, and doubtlessly feel solid enough for long haul utilization. Customizability and solace was likewise decent, they can fit any size head.
  • The rope is thick which does miracles to verify it doesn’t tangle. You can toss these in a rucksack and not need to stress over the rope completely tangling up.
  • The rope likewise appears to be exceptionally solid which is a pleasant characteristic acknowledging the reality a lot of people less tough ropes will simply render your earphones futile inside a month in the event that you don’t deal with them.
  • Very light. They’re extraordinary for voyaging and bringing them with you since they’re not extremely cumbersome. You additionally don’t resemble a complete simpleton either as opposed to wearing earphones that include your whole face.
  • Sound Quality: Sounds decent and clear. Has a decent extend of harmony between frequencies not at all like numerous earphone producers that market “Huge BASS = Better” *ahem Beats*.
  • It appears to be very strong also. I’ve claimed these in excess of 5 months and I haven’t perceived any progressions in the nature of sound.
  • It’s modest. Shoddy as heck really. Indeed twofold the current value is a reasonable proclamation for these earphones. Genuinely, in the event that somebody is anticipating burglarizing you simply purchase him these as an early birthday present or something and accomplish it over and with.
  • It sounds superior to my bro’s “Thumps”, that sound like totally over the top misshaped bass practically like you’re abating slaughtering yourself with a huge kick drum. It’s actual however, even $2 earphones will sound better since you can’t hear whatever else might be available separated from the excessively overstated bass with Beats. So its very little of an accomplishment, rather an additional.


  • Sadly for me, there was way more bass leaving the right side than the left. I’m almost certain I simply got a terrible pair. along these lines, I sent them into Sony the distance to Laredo, TX. I trust they get there and get reinstated. I’m out 5 bucks for the delivery. Kinda appears pointless to accomplish for just a 25 dollar pair of earphones. Surely others aren’t encountering this.
  • Flimsy. The earphones are a bit shaky and would presumably sever on the off chance that you tossed them a 8 story building. In case you’re not anticipating doing that, it shouldn’t be an issue. Principle point is however, these earphones are not blocks, you do need to take minor great forethought of them.
  • Comfort isn’t great, I’m not by any means burrowing the whole fake plastic calfskin cushions; it feels truly shabby. It is wearable however, you can undoubtedly wear these for over a couple of hours without any protestations.
  • Sound spillage. There is some sound spillage even at moderate volumes however unless you’re listening to your music at most extreme volume at your library it shouldn’t be an issue, and what were you wanting with over-the-ear earphones in any case? An impeccable seal between your ear and these earphones is a bit improbable.
  • I feel like I’m taking. Yes, its that great and I’m not kidding. It’s so hopefully damn shoddy. Sincerely, skirt your $400 beats, spare yourself the cash, purchase these rather and celebrate with a $380 Starbucks Coffee Marathon. On the other hand simply pocket the additional cash and purchase yourself something pleasant.


Sony MDR-ZX300 headphones
Overall, the sound quality of Sony MDR-ZX300 rather than the Sony MDR-NC7, it is quite large when put max volume, but the broken sound is not occurred. Although Noise Canceling technology is not integrated into these headphones, but noise immunity of the Sony MDR-ZX300 is not bad. Simple, you just turn the volume max. The sound level is not too loud to affect people around.

In summary Sony MDR-ZX300 headphones midrange, so we certainly can not have sound quality “free mode” like the high-end products are tens of millions of dong. It is important for those products; you have a musical experience totally worth the money.
Sony MDR-ZX300 headphones, genuine, 100% new, full box
Price: $22.59. Warranty: 12 Months

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