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Sony MDRNC13 Noise Canceling Headphones Review


For those people who have been looking for the best headphones to kill off noise then this will be the best choice for consideration. Sony MDRNC13 Noise-Canceling Headphones have been in the market for long and users have good words for their wonderful service. You will never have to get bothered by unnecessary noise reaching your ears as these headphones can easily separate clear music from noise. That is what an ideal set of headphones is supposed to do.Sony MDRNC13 review

Continuous use of faulty earphones only serves to damage your hearing capabilities and these headphones are a good fix. Don’t hesitate from making purchase anytime you want to get noise-free music getting to your ears. Logically, nobody wants to hear contaminated music and that is why these headphones have been designed and released into the market.

Features of Sony MDRNC13 Headphones

Just like any other product on sale, these headphones have their own features that make them stand out easily from the rest.


These headphones come in a standard size to ensure they fit in well to the ears without bringing about any discomfort. Many people complain of uneasiness when using headphones but these ones are very comfortable. Furthermore, there is a seal around the headphones which allows for elasticity and general comfort.


Quality Sound

As the name of the headphones suggest, the sound gotten is of the highest quality free from any noise contaminations. This can be attributed to the good construction of the headphones making it easy to sieve out sound from music. There is a cable constructed internally in the headphones and it makes sure all unnecessary sound is dealt with before reaching the ears.

Noise Cancelling

This is the highlight feature for these headphones since that is the main reason why they have been designed. The ability of the headphones to cancel noise ensures that no matter how the music comes out, human ears get to receive only the best sound minus the noise.

Quality Construction

This is a feature that many people tend to overlook but is one that can determine how good you enjoy using the headphones. These headphones are constructed in a proper way just to make sure ears can accommodate them well without causing uneasiness. The sleeves used are not made of rubber but plastic and flexible materials for easy sliding into the ears. It is a simple feature but well thought out.

Sony MDRNC13 Noise Canceling Headphones Review

Other Key Features:

  • A spacious bag for string headphones
  • Ear buds with different sizes
  • AAA Battery with 100 hours life
  • A cable tidy
  • Socket adapter for use in airplanes
  • A raft of key instructions

Customer Reviews and Rating

A total of 88 reviews have been written about these headphones and each of the Sony MDRNC13 Noise-Canceling Headphones review has its story to tell. With the highest number of reviewers giving the headphones a 5-star rating, it shows clearly how good they are in offering the best experience.

  • Cost

To some buyers, $55.58 can be a high price tag but it is neutralized by free shipping services offered. Initially, the headphones cost $69.99 and the price cut helps to save up to 21% of the initial cost.

  • Ease in Use

There are several options that make the user experience of these headphones unrivalled. One can choose between many frequencies that range from high-res stereo to Bluetooth wireless. The comfort they come with equally makes the headphones very easy when using especially when it’s for the first time.


The main negative aspect of these headphones is that cancelling any noise from sound requires a lot of power to drive the process. This is because it is generally active and cannot run without being properly powered. That means there must be a running battery in place failure to which you will have sound mixed with noise getting through your ears. In simple terms, the headphones are dependent on power availability to function which can compromise on its effectiveness in noise cancelling.


Regardless of whether these headphones come built with the noise elimination feature or not, they are a good bet for listening to music at any given time. They will be a great value in return for your money.



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