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Sony NWZ-W273 4 GB Waterproof Sports Mp3 Player Review – Best Sony Waterproof Headphones


Best Sony Waterproof Headphones

With many new technology and features in this modern world today, most of the electronics we use that are designed to be thrown in the water and survive. Sony NWZ-W273 is the one that has all of those features with price just $53.99. With this cheap price of Sony Waterproof Headphones lines, it’s an attractive suggestion for anyone who worried about subjecting their smartphone and waterproof headsets.

Sony NWZ-W273 4 GB Waterproof Sports Mp3 Player Review
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These Sony Waterproof Headphones are suitable for all of runners, swimmer, riders and gym lovers who used to use their devices under wet ( or water ) environments. Because these type of headphones care capable of withstanding the rigours of a workout. Sony NWZ is all in one MP3 player setup that has the same design and an amazing sound will satisfy any difficult customer. You can have a test by sink them deep into the pool, see how the Sony NWZ-W273 Walkman works in dry or we conditions.

The Design Of Sony NWZ-W273 Walkman

There are some available colors like black, white, pink and blue. Sony wants to make people feel the same of W-Series MP3 players looking. They incorporate everything with the earpieces with a solitary joining adaptable elastic jewelry all of which is 100% waterproof up to 2 meters. Physical buttons are functional with Play, Skip Tracks and Hold. Volume Rocker is designed in the left that is beside the Shuffle songs button. What are in the box? sony sports mp3 player

  • There are two sets of earbuds
  • An adjustment band
  • A small USB charging dock
  • Instruction manual


This Walkman is 1 ounces weight; it’s almost double the weight of an iPod Shuffle. The neckband is very flexible that does not cause any irritation. There are many sizes to be replaced with the Sony NWZ-W273 to securely fit when you want to wear them out of the pool.

sony sports mp3 player waterproof

The Durability Of Sony NWZ-W273 Walkman

The product is 100% waterproof but don’t use them too much at beach. It does imply that they’re fabricated to prepare for dampness as sweat and rain and with simply the necklace like the main wire there’s no compelling reason to stress over getting them tangled inside themselves when they wind up at the lowest part of your pack.

Sony NWZ-W273 walkman

Sound Quality

With Closed dynamic 13.5mm drivers, Sony NWZ-W273 Walkman is the answer of question why this device can be superior to other waterproof MP3 players. Example is Aquabeat 2.0 for testing. In term of loudness and clarity, they are excellent with high trebles but lacked in punchy bass. They make a splendid clamor counterbalancing showing blocking outside commotion abandoning you to concentrate on the swim and when outside takes into account encompassing clamor which is perfect in the event that you are running out in occupied territories.

Sony NWZ-W273 walkman 4GB


They key feature of this MP3 player is the water-resistant that people can use and listen to music while swimming in the pool. I have tested this walkman for ten minutes in water; I’m impressive of the sound performance and earpieces stayed in place. But when I tried to test it in more time, more lap of the pool, one of the buds popped out. Minutes after the fact the sound started to quieten and even our endeavors to turn it up had no impact. On further testing, the sound had been unfavorably influenced, and no more conveyed what was at first truly extraordinary sound. Out of the pool and in the rec center our outside, the Walkman offered a safe and subtle approach to listening to music, however, the sound basically is not similar to different games earphones that we have tried. Sony NWZW273 4 GB Waterproof 10

Conclusion – Best Sony Waterproof Headphones?

As a performance gadget, there aren’t generally numerous negatives to put you off. In the event that, then again, you are somebody who utilizes a running application on your telephone while you run, or you’re as of now convey a Mp3 player with you then, for additional money, it doesn’t appear worth the bother. My recommend is getting a Bluetooth headphones to easy the connecting between your ears and musics. Of course, smartphones now have many advantages that you can stream music. In the event that you are looking to keep things straightforward, and need music when you take off to do some work out, these perform pleasantly in reality.

Sony NWZ-W273 walkman 4GB amazon

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