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Sony NWZW252 2 GB Walkman MP3 Player Review


Have you ever felt pain while using some headphones cable, especially when you are using it while active. That’s why many people tried to use the wireless Bluetooth, but the sound quality is not as good as wire Headphones. You likewise still needed to manage a player and a set of earphones. So why not simply put everything in one earphone as bundle? This is not another thought; Sony did this some time ago with the yellow Walkman sport FM radio earphones. Keep in mind those goofy looking things?

Today I introduce the product in one of best sony waterproof headphones, that is Sony NWZW252, read my reviews over some sessions below:

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Product details

  • Name: Sony NWZ-W252
  • 2 GB capacity for about 500 songs
  • Enjoy 11 hours of audio playback on a single charge
  • Unique cord-free design — one-piece player comfortably floats back of neck
  • Supports MP3, AAC, WMA (DRM), and WMT audio files
  • One-year limited warranty

In the Box

Sony NWZW252 manual

As we can see, there are the player, 3 different sizes of earphones tips, standard mini USB cable and storage clip. We can easily realize that the USB cable is abnormally long to reach the deep USB port on the player. I attempted a couple of other USB links I had lying around and most didn’t work. This is really irritating making standard USB link basically exclusive. So remember that and don’t lose the link that the W250 accompanies. On a related now, I might have wanted to see scaled down-USB utilized rather since telephone produces have consented to utilize that as a standard and numerous gadgets are moving in that course.


Sony NWZW252 27

In the design, the Sony W250 is built as same as Sony’s purpose that are sturdy, nice and clicky button presses from good materials. Of course, this is a well-made product with an affordable price. The player ear pieces are made completely of plastic with a rubbery link interfacing the two ear pieces that dependably snap again to their unique shape. When player in a charging, the indicator light that located on the top of player will turn on the LED.

One of interesting I like of this Sony Waterproof Headphones is the two ear pieces can be magnetically together when you are not wearing the player. What is astute this is that when these two parts interface- sensors turn the player off so you won’t ever need to stress over neglecting to turn the player off and emptying the battery. The attractive association isn’t frightfully solid and will separate (despite the fact that it won’t play Judas on) with a smidgen of energy. Thought this is the place the capacity cut proves to be useful for when you need to toss it in your knapsack or gym bag.

Water Resistant – Good Waterproof Headphones

Sony NWZW252 7

This player can be rated as waterproof. But You should not jump into the pool while wearing it, or sink it deep into the water, you just don’t have to worry of the sweating function while doing gym.


Sony NWZW252 price

The control of this headphones is a tough task and hard. You need to control it ingenuity. There is a rocker button on the bottom with a center click and up/down volume at the right side. There are four buttons to make the easier for customers.

To turn the player on you press down on the rocker catch, this additionally capacities as stop/play while the player is on. At the point when the player begins up you will hear two smooth beeps and afterward an inauspicious female voice says “play”. This voice is the thing that will guide and provide for you input for the majority of the capacities. Pressing the rocker send or back will skip tracks separately and a long press will skip by envelope. The volume catches are two separate sizes, one taller than the other with a knock with the end goal you should differentiate between the two.

On the opposite side of the player the mix/playlist catch. I truly like how they manufactured playlist help onto the player with this catch. With a short press on this catch will rearrange all the tracks on the player a long press will flip between all tracks or simply your playlists.

Sound Quality

Sony NWZW252 2 GB Walkman MP3 Player Review

The sound quality of Sony’s MP3 Players and this Sony W250 is not different, I have tested and get the same result. I’m pretty sure that, with Sony W250, you can enjoy your favorite songs. But there are some lacking detail all around from this headphones that all of the discenrning users will find out. They likewise won’t be upbeat that there is no real way to tweak the sound, not even a prearranged set of EQ settings. However, I accept that the normal client and just about everybody this player is focused without restraint be satisfied with the sound quality.

The advantages & disadvantages of Sony NWZW252


  • It’s easy to use with Mac & iTunes
  • Sound quality is solid
  • Decent battery life


  • No display
  • The storage is just 1.68GB
  • Shuffle function flawed

Sony NWZW252 2 GB Walkman MP3 Player Review


The form factor of W250 is the most I like about that rather liberating not to struggle with a long headphones cord that connected to the player. You can grab once piece of the audio puzzle and head out the door.

On the off chance that you like the structure element and absence of dangling wires I do propose lifting one of these up. It’s difficult to be at its cost and novel capacities.

The product is not difficult to utilize, and it adjusts with my playlists in itunes extremely well. Utilizing the controls while running is simple.

I have had mine three months with no issues. To clean the salt up of the player, I simply flush it under some water when I am carried out running and let it dry. Have a go at doing that with your mix or nano!

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