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Sony Walkman NWZ-W262 Review and Unboxing



Have you ever heard of Shakespeare’s sentence “If music be the food of love, play on”?  Today, it seems that every people have a pair of earphones crammed in their ears, eager to drown out the world around them. They use them everywhere, in a mall, at the gym, on the metro, and in a really boring meeting to reduce the stress, or to just enjoy your favorite songs.

Sony walkman nwz-w262 review


Sony’s Walkman arrangement has been around the music era for very much a while now, from the start wearing extravagant tape players which inevitably developed to CD and mp3 players. Their most recent offering is the lively Sony Walkman NWZ-W262, which is a holding nothing back-one earphone and music player result, intended for the individuals who don’t need links or mp3 players strapped to their arms. Be that as it may precisely how can it stack up when put through its paces? Read on to see whether this seemingly insignificant issue is singing your tune.Sony NWZW252 32

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Sony walkman nwz-w262 2gb

The Sony W Series W262 is lightweight; it’s just 1.2 ounces with the wearable design and simple features. And if you are just looking for a good mp3 player for your workout needs, this is the best headphones I would like to recommend Sony Walkman NWZ-W262.

These Sony waterproof headphones is built into two earpieces, both of the side are plastic and having the “W” on it.

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The easier boards help you to easy navigate and ease of use for Track Forward/Backward and Play/Pause. The cover ensures micro USB input closed properly when it’s not being used. On other hand, the Power On/Off switch is located on the inside of the right earpiece.

This Sony Headphones is not really a type of flat earbuds that having a seal. And makes an extremely secure fit and solid bass reaction. The cable are connected by wired to the headphones, is equitably inflexible and heavy for most of the headphone this day;

Build quality and design

Sony walkman nwz-w262 design

With 2GB of built-in storage, This NWZ-W262 is become essentially two in-ear headphones. These two in-ear headphones are connected by a sturdy plastic strap that cannot be bend easily. So on the off chance that you have a more modest estimated head you’ll find that the inflexible plastic frequently causes the headphones to pop or slide out of your ear. In the event that you’ve got a marginally bigger noggin, then you ought to have no issues at all and the earphones fit cozily with the plastic circling behind your head and over your ears. The headphones I discovered sat a lot into my ear that I might have preferred, yet I’m speculating this is one of the configuration components to keep them from moving throughout specific exercises.

Sony walkman nwz-w262 manual

And Sony put the black color with plastic to Sony’s earpieces with the Walkman Logo to decorate each side. And the main controls to operate the device is located at the bottom of each ear piece. On the left earpiece, there is a volume rocker button to toggle between shuffle and playlist mode, while an On/Off switch and the play/pause with track navigation buttons are located on the right. But one of disadvantages of Sony NWZ-W262 is the difficult control while you are wearing it. An automated voice will let you know when you’ve hit the play or mix catch, however, other than that its an inquiry of experimentation until you’re utilized to it.

Sony walkman nwz-w262 girl

It is very simple task if you want to transfer the musics to NWZ-W262, just plug in the micro-USB cable and dragging tracks directly onto the device on your PC or Mac. To drag and drop the transfers, you can use the software on the device which is optional without installation. You can additionally setup playlists effortlessly or go for the “Zappin” mode which plays a short cut of each one track consecutively so you can hit play when you go to a track you like.

Comfort and audio quality

Sony walkman nwz-w262 review

After about an hour of wearing this NWZ-W262, I found the abnormal thing that is my ears were beginning to hurt, after I roamed around a shopping mall. The reason is not that of the sound or music playing, because of the headset wasn’t fitting properly. Despite the fact that the unit itself is very lightweight, I was starting to feel a bit uncomfortable before long. However when my sibling was wearing them he discovered no inconvenience at all as the NWZ-W262 fitted him superbly and was held safely set up by a plastic band circling over his ears as opposed to simply the earpieces. So how agreeable the gadget is will truly rely on upon whether the NWZ-W262 fits your head appropriately.

Sony NWZW262 36

Since the NWZ-W262 is made for dynamic or energetic customers, I chose to wear them and do a short run. While the unit is marked as water-confirmation, it simply implies that it can stand perhaps a light sprinkle or sweat – don’t think you can wear these and take a plunge in your patio pool. The NWZ-W262 stood its ground as I ran, and just a couple times did I need to rearrange the headset to guarantee that it wasn’t going to slip out when I grabbed the pace. In any case when doing some straightforward floor activities while laying on my back, the NWZ-W262 continued popping out now and again on the grounds that the plastic band was pressing against the floor, since it wasn’t a cozy fit. On the off chance that the band was customizable in any capacity I think this might have tackled the issue, however, sadly it isn’t, which highlights the essentialness of the NWZ-W262 being a right fit for your head.

Sony NWZW262 35

Sound quality from the NWZ-W262 was great, and there was little sound spillage accomplished even at higher volume levels. There’s a profound and observable bass that doesn’t muffle the treble which is something you regularly see in different earphones. The battery on the NWZ-W262 can run for about eight hours on a full charge which isn’t much, yet with something like three minutes of charging you can get about an hour’s value of playback, so there’s little to grasp about.

The Advantages and Disadvantages of Sony Walkman NWZ-W262


  • Small mp3+ headphone combo
  • Fits well
  • Water resistant feature will be helpful in sweat after running
  • Good quality headphones, drag & drop feature
  • Weight not placed on ears as expected

Looks like blue-tooth headphones attached, but at-least has good graphics on it!

Sony NWZW262 10


The NWZ-W262 is the suitable and handy little headphones for gym lovers that become a musical companion. With the storage is 2GB, you don’t have to swapping out tracks oftenly in the event that you would prefer not to get exhausted of the listening to the same tracks. The true blemish of the NWZ-W262 is that its inflexible plastic band implies that it won’t generally fit your head legitimately.

In the event that you like running and need a headset that works well this is the decision. Purchased one for my wife and purchasing 2 more for my running amigos as Christmas presents. No huge mp3 player to log around, earphones work superior to any earphones you can get for your mp3 player, great battery life and simple move and customize usefulness. Praise to Sony. They knocked it out the recreation center with this one.

Sony NWZW252 32


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