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SoundpeatS Sports Q9 Wireless Headphone Review


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SoundPeats Q9 is the successor of the previous model sports earphone, QY7 ( read QY7 reviews here ). It offers quite radical changes in terms of the design, sound, and fit. Firstly, the look is all brand-new and fresh. It portrays a minimalist design with solid black earpieces and red or black for the wire. While it has a new look, the sound quality is similar, if not better. I have listed down my assessment of this new headphone in this SoundPeats Sports Q9 Wireless Headphone review.

Our Best Pick

New SoundPEATS Q9 Mini Lightweight
SoundPEATS Q9 New Mini 8
New Q9 Sports Headphones Bluetooth 4.1
SoundPEATS Q9 Mini Lightweight

- Design: 8.5
- Sound Quality: 9.0
- Features: 8.5
- Value: 9.0

- Use apt-X technology so the has better booming sound.
- Comfortable earbuds with three different sizes of ear lobes to choose.
- Good Bluetooth range long.
- Good Price .

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The Look and Design

SoundPeats Sports Q9 has a smooth black or red wire (it depends on which model you purchase) that connects the two earphones together. The coloring schemes might remind you of the similar color themes that often found on the high-end Beats headphones.

SoundPEATS Q9 New Mini 10

It uses a flexible plastic material that feels soft against your neck and ears. The earpieces bear the name of the brand on the side of the earpieces, and the ear hooks have an ergonomic design that follows the shape of your ears. One thing that the manufacturer has done to ensure total comfort is by making the ear hooks adjustable. It makes sense because not everybody has the same size of ears. Without the adjustable feature, the earphone can be quite tight for your large ear.

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The Performances

 Ease of Use

Just like any other standard earphones on the market, the manufacturer also provides three different sizes of ear lobes for you to choose for this SoundPeats Sports Q9. By default, the medium pieces are the ones that you can find on the device. However, if you have a bigger or smaller size of ears, you can use the other two sizes to adjust accordingly. Once you have the right size, you will find how comfortable and snug they are inside the ears.

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The main control of the earphone is available on the right earphone. You can toggle three functionalities on this particular right earpiece that are Power, Volume Up, and Volume Down. There is also a USB charging port at the bottom part of it for you to charge the battery. When you are to use it for the first time, it requires about two hours of charging for it to have a full power. You can then use it for up to six hours to enjoy your nonstop music or talk on your cell phones.

Audio Quality

The previous models of QY7 and QY8 are not disappointing when it comes to their audio quality. The quality remains the same in this brand-new SoundPeats wireless earphone. First of all, the volume setting is easy to adjust. You can simply tap the right earpiece to control it. The produced sound is also loud and clear, thanks to the latest apt-X technology. The bass has quite a booming sound and crisp enough for you to enjoy your funk or jazz songs. However, at some points, the pumping bass can also overwhelm the midranges. Still, it does not affect it tremendously to the point you want to stop using it.

The voice audio quality is also not that bad. Since it is connectable to your Bluetooth-enabled smartphones such as Samsung phones or iPhones, you can pick up a phone call directly from the device by clicking the middle button. It picks up the voice at the other receiving end quite well. There is no significant muffled voice audio that can impede your conversation. Plus, the built-in microphone also seems to be able to capture your voice quite well. With satisfactory audio quality and long battery power, it can be quite a useful tool to enjoy long hours of music and conversation with your friends.

Another positive point that I would like to highlight in this SoundPeats Q9 Wireless Headphone review is that the headphone can also cancel background noise fairly good. This particular noise-cancellation feature is not in the manual, so I take it as a bonus feature.

SoundPEATS Q9 New Mini 2

Fit and Comfort

SoundPeats Sports Q9 Wireless Headphone implements the behind-the-ear design. You might be familiar with headphones or in-ear headphones, but if behind-the-ear is a new design for you, it might take some time to get used to the fitting. However, the manufacturer has put comfort and fit very well into consideration, just like the previous SoundPeat QY7. The wire that hooks up the two earpieces is neither too long nor too short. It should rest comfortably and perfectly behind any regular head size. The material is also lightweight, so there is no obvious burden on the back neck. There are no more hanging wires that can get easily tangled up. They can get in the way while you are focusing on your exercises or while running.

Some earbuds can cause discomfort when they stay inside our ears for too long – it gets hot and feel too tight. However, with this Q9 wireless earphone, you can notice something is quite different with the earbuds. Firstly, the rubber cushions feel soft against your ears. With the ideal size that suits well to the size of interior ears, it fits surprisingly well. Many current users can attest to this. The pieces stay securely, and this is an important feature that you should look for when buying a sports headphone for your workout sessions. Often, they do not stay well and keep falling off. It can be quite a turn off if you have to adjust it multiple times throughout the exercises.

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Versatility and Easy Pairing

The manufacturer labels the headphone as a sports headphone. Meaning, it comes with a sweatproof functionality. You can use it outdoor or under the rain confidently as the build can withstand such watery condition. It makes an ideal companion for your running or jogging activities. You can also use it while exercising in the gym, and the Q9 will survive over your sweats. Plus, the compact size and light earphones will not get in your way.

Trying to pair with to your Samsung Galaxy 6 edge or iPhone 6 should also be a breeze. You just need to press the middle button for several seconds until it finds and connects to a recognized device. The Q9 Sports Headphones can receive a signal up to 10 meters away and at any position. You may put your headphone in your bag or pocket, it will still work. Sure, some beginners did have a difficult time to connect it but after reading the given manual, which also happens to be clear and straightforward, they managed to do the initial pairing.

SoundPEATS Q9 New Mini 11

Why Should You Buy SoundPeats Sports Q9?

Overall, it is a high-quality wireless sports headphone that offers a bargained price to music lovers and exercise enthusiasts. Do you need a reason to buy the Q9 wireless headphone? Followings are some of the reasons:

Advantages of SoundPeats Q9 Wireless Headphones

  • The small size
  • The light weight
  • The cool design
  • The sweatrproof feature
  • The snug fit
  • The satisfactory overall sound quality
  • The easy pairing

 If you are to purchase it on Amazon.com, you will receive several items in the packaging. They are the Q9 headphones, a user manual, a casing bag, a USB cable for charging, a cord clip to manage to cable, and three sizes of ear tips. SoundPeats Q9 Wireless Headphone costs only £19.99 on Amazon.co.uk. The warranty lasts for as long as one year, and there is a 30-day money back guarantee to secure your money when you purchase it on Amazon website.




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