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Tagg GPS Pet Tracker Reviews – Dog and Cat Collar Attachment


Tagg GPS Pet Tracker - Dog and Cat Collar Attachment

Today, there are many people and family care about their pet’s safety, they find the best solution is Tagg GPS Pet Tracker – an indispensible gadget for pet lovers. On the off chance that you can deal with the in advance value and repeating administration costs, the Tagg includes genuine feelings of serenity with its GPS-empowered following administration, and a clever approach to verify your pets are getting enough practice for the duration of the day.


Tagg GPS Pet Tracker Reviews – The Design

Tagg GPS Pet Tracker Reviews

There are two pieces come with the Tagg Pet Tracker: the tracker and the base station. While the base station is used to recharge the Tracker, the Tracker is attached to your dog’s collar.

Tagg GPS Pet Tracker Review

The is buil-in GPS chip in the tracker with gray or white color and measures 3.2 x 1.5 x 0.8 inches and weighs 1.2 ounces. The center is hard plastic and on either side, there are two rubber tabs extending. The tracker connected safely to our puppy’s neckline by means of a little cut; pressing on two tabs on either side of the tracker expels it from the neckline. The tracker is water-safe, so it ought to be fine if your canine preferences pursuing balls in the surf.

Tagg GPS Pet Tracker collar

The company tell customers to use this device on dogs that has weight at leats 10 pounds, because the tracker seem a little bulky on our dog.

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The base station is a white square that attachments into a divider outlet by means of its USB port. The base station serves two reasons: It energizes the tracker, and it helps preserve battery life. Inside both the tracker and the base station is a cell association that blankets practically the greater part of the mainland United States. At the point when the Tracker is inside 150 to 200 feet of the base station, the tracker will nourish area information to the station, which will then transfer it to the cloud through its cell association. Outside that go, the Tagg GPS Pet Tracker will utilize its own particular cell association, which utilizes more power.

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Tagg the Pet Tracker – Setup

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It took about 10 minutes to setup the Tagg Pet Tracker. First of all, you need to attach the tracker to your pet’s collar, and then plugged in the base station. Then, you go to Tagg’s website and setup an account, where you enter your pet name’s information, such as his breed, age and weight.

In the Map tab, we set the Tagg Zone (from 75 to 1,000 square feet), which is a region where your pet could wander. When he meandered out of that zone, we gained a caution by means of email or cell phone, in light of the fact that we had the ios application introduced (likewise accessible on Android). See the tagg tracker for yourself.


Tagg GPS Pet Tracker amazon

With our testing, the Tagg Tracker worked very well. My pet is located accurately on a map from website with it’s moving tracking detailed. And you will receive arlets whenever your pet ranged outside the Tagg Zone, when at the point when the tracker was expelled from his neckline and when the battery was running low. Best of all, Henry didn’t appear to psyche wearing the Tagg GPS Pet Tracker.

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The Activity Tracker utilizes the tracker’s GPS to perceive how dynamic your puppy is throughout the day. As per Tagg, pets ought to get somewhere around 30 and 60 minutes of activity for every day. The Activity Tracker demonstrates to what extent your pooch is resting, daintily dynamic, respectably dynamic and exceptionally dynamic throughout the span of the day, and grants focuses for every classification. Managers can additionally set a focuses objective for every day.

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The Activity Tracker breaks down the information into three diagrams: an every day preview, organized around; a course of events indicating while throughout the day your puppy was dynamic, and a bar outline demonstrating for how long your pooch was dynamic. Each of the three graphs are not difficult to peruse, and we like that you can likewise see movement on a 30- and 90-day course of events.

Battery Life

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Tagg GPS Pet Tracker says the tracker’s battery can last up to 30 days; we got a little over a week out of it before it needed a recharge. We like, though, that both the app and the site prominently display how much battery life remains.

Why Should You Buy It?

I live in a country group with four salvage pooches, all of which wear a Tagg neckline. While I have an electric fence that generally keeps my canines from leaving the property, there have been a few times where one has chosen to go on a walkabout when the wall was off, joyfully meandering into 360 sections of land of forestland that adjoins my property. On account of the Tagg neckline and my Iphone, I could discover him, even in the profound woods. At last, I am additionally included in outskirt collie salvage and dependably suggest that adopters buy a Tagg neckline. Once more, it gives enormous significant serenity realizing that regardless of where I am, I will accept a content if my pooch is out of my home zone, has a separated neckline, a low battery, and so on. It’s an awesome item and I’m so happy to have it!



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