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The Best Surge Protector Review 2015


Computers, cellphones, laptops are just a few of the devices that we use in our homes. You have invested lots of money for these items and it’s such a waste for them to be ruined because of an electrical spike or power surge. We might have heard it from a relative, friend, or read it on the internet and news how power spikes have fried their most precious gadgets and belongings, or worse have caused a fire.

There are many household and electronic devices that are ruined by shorts or improper voltage. That’s why you need to protect them. How can you prevent that from happening? You can use a surge protector to limit the voltage that passes through the wires to your device.

Buying a surge protector

Surge protectors are common in homes and office; they are convenient and will help protect your stuff from sudden power surges that are beyond your control.

When buying a surge protector, consider a few things including your budget, how many outlets do you need, will you be using it at home or at the office, will a simple one be enough or do you want the more complicated ones?

After a sudden blackout, I got a power surge at my house when the electricity came back resulting to it frying my iPhone, thankfully it was the only one that was damaged. I didn’t want that to happen again, so I opted to purchase a surge protector. I settled with three surge protectors from Amazon that had the best reviews.

1. Belkin 12-Outlet Home/Office Surge Protector

Best Surge Protector Belkin 12-Outlet HomeOffice Surge Protector

Our Best Pick

Belkin 12-Outlet Home/Office Surge Protector

- Design: 8.0
- Surge energy : 4,320 joules
- No of Outlets: 12
- Warranty : yes

Belkin 12-Outlet are well designed for high-end home and professional workstations. It is Best to Buy.

Good product, great price; bought it for only $18.76 on Amazon since it was on sale. Normally, the price is $49.99 which is expensive for a surge protector in my opinion.

This surge protector has 12 outlets which I think is too many, but I’m not complaining about that. I like that it has eight pivoting outlets which enables large adapters to be plugged in as well. It’s a good eight feet long so you can place it or hide it in a good location wherein you can plug in your appliances and devices. This also has colored indicator lights which alert you when there is a problem. You can easily mount this on a base board, though I just place mine on the floor.

Product conclusion: This surge protector is the one I am using in my room mainly for charging my laptop and gadgets, as well as my TV and desk lamp. Good spacing between the outlets and I like the pivoting design with the outlets, let’s you turn it to an angle. It’s also eight feet long so you can place it anywhere in your room, mount it or place it under your table.

Belkin 12-OutletBest Surge Protector Belkin 12-Outlet HomeOffice Surge ProtectorPrice: Check Price & FREE Shipping on orders over $35Gray5.89 inches x 2.44 inches x 0.79 inches12-outlet surge protector8-foot cord
APC P11VT3 3020J 11Best Surge Protector APC P11VT3 3020JPrice: Check Price & FREE Shipping on orders over $35Black2.4 inches x 13.7 inches x 7.5 inches11-Outlet Performance Surge arrest Surge Protector8-foot cord
Tripp Lite ULTRABLOKBest Surge Protector Tripp Lite ULTRABLOK Isobar SurgePrice: Check Price & FREE Shipping on orders over $35Black1.26 inches x 10.35 inches x 1.65 inches6 surge-protected AC outlets including one transformer outlet6-ft. cord

Best Surge Protector Belkin 12-Outlet HomeOffice Surge Protector 2What is a surge protector?

A surge protector or surge suppresses is a device that is designed to protect your devices from occurrences of voltage spikes. The surge protector controls the amount of voltage that passes through the wires by blocking any possible shorting or blocks any unwanted voltage that’s beyond the safe threshold.

Right now there are lots of surge protectors available in the market; I can’t believe the competition this business has. There are straight on surge protectors with no fancy designs and there are those that have different shapes and sizes.

2. APC P11VT3 3020J 11-Outlet Performance SurgeArrest Surge Protector

Best Surge Protector APC P11VT3 3020J

The Runner Up

APC P11VT3 3020J 11-Outlet

- Design: 8.0
- Surge energy : 3020 joules
- No of Outlets: 11
- Warranty : yes

Surge Protector with Phone and Coax Protection.

APC Surge Protector is made by APC by Schneider Electric contact. This one got mixed reviews but I bought it anyway. I’d say I didn’t have a bad experience with it, the performance is good as was able to keep my gadgets and appliances safe. It has a good build with 11 outlets, I only use four or five at once so there is still plenty of room for other plugs.

The design looks complicated but I’m not really fussy about that, as long as there is enough space in the outlets and that it can perform then I’m all good. The important thing is that it does what it’s supposed to do which is protecting your gadgets and appliances from power spikes. With the design, you can mount it on a wall or hide it behind your appliances.

Product conclusion: Sleek and compact design is what caught my attention; outlet spacing is good and can accommodate big adapters. You can just place it on the floor or mount it. I don’t have a problem with the cord, some power surge protector cords have cords that are too stiff, and this one isn’t. Plenty of room for plugs due to thee 11 outlets.

3. Tripp Lite ULTRABLOK Isobar Surge Protector

Best Surge Protector Tripp Lite ULTRABLOK Isobar Surge 2

Best for Travel

Tripp Lite ULTRABLOK Isobar Surge Protector

- Design: 7.5
- Surge energy : 1410 joules
- No of Outlets: 2
- Warranty : yes

Well design for impact use with strong and high durability cover case.

Well, the name says it all; it’s shaped like a block. It only has two power outlets and you can get this for $21.24 in Amazon. This outdoor surge protector is good for you when traveling , it is rated to be the best power travel strip convenient and also for the bathroom use. But other than for using travel or you do really have less space then  I find buying surge protectors with at least 4-8 outlets, it’s more practical and does save space rather than buying several 2-3 outlet surge protectors. The Tripp Lite UltraBlok has special metal case which indestructive stated by the product itself, I find the case really look hard to break, burn or crack on any case. Tripp Lite is a USA company: tripplite.com

Product conclusion: This Tripp Lite UltraBlok has protection with 1410-joule surge suppression, and Exclusive isolated filter bank eliminates line noise interference. It the best for Travel use.

Best Surge Protector Tripp Lite ULTRABLOK Isobar Surge 3
Tripp Lite ULTRABLOK Isolated Filter Banks

Final thoughts

All the surge protectors worked great, didn’t have any issues or problems using them. From a range of $14 to $19 (on sale) you can buy a good quality surge protector. Don’t compromise the safety of your home and electrical devices, use a surge protector. You can plug several plugs at the same time without any problem; I suggest just 4-6 at most.

These surge protectors protected my appliances and devices several times for the past month that I got them. Didn’t have any power surge problems anymore and I don’t have to worry about it frying my gadgets. There was a lightning storm yesterday so I just unplugged the surge protection from the socket, when I am away I also just unplug this from the socket or turn off the switch to cut off the power which saves electricity.

Appliances and gadgets, even when not in use, when plugged can still consume electricity, with just one pull of the plug or switch I can easily cut their power consumption and at least help cut my electricity bill no matter how small it is.

Other products worth mentioning

If you aren’t satisfied with my top three then here are a list of products that are worth mentioning and purchasing as well.

Belkin Pivot Wall Mount Surge Protector - I like this surge protector since it has a rotating feature as well as 6 outlets and available for $16.28 on Amazon.
It has two indicators that let you know whether the voltage is protected or grounded.

Also Great

Best Surge Protector Belkin Pivot Wall Mount
Tripp Lite SPIKECUBE Surge Protector Wallmount Direct Plug In – This is a direct plug in which only allows one plug, you can purchase this for $5.99 but with the small difference in price, it’s better to purchase ones with more outlets.
This also has indicator lights that lets you know whether the current can ground your appliances or devices or not.

Also Great

Best Surge Protector Tripp Lite SPIKECUBE
Fellowes Mighty 8 Surge Protector – This surge protector has a rather unique design.

It has 8 outlets that can accommodate up to 5 AC adapters. Its 6 feet long with a right angle plug.

Also Great

Best Surge Protector Fellowes Mighty 8 Surge Protector
Belkin 8 Outlet Home/Office Extended Cord Surge Protector – Almost the same as the Belkin 12-Outlet Home/Office Surge Protector, the only difference is the number of outlets.
This has 8 outlets but more expensive at $22.35 in Amazon.

Also Great

Best Surge Protector Belkin 8 Outlet Home
Plugable 12 AC Outlet Surge Protector – This is available in Amazon for $35.00. What I like about this is the build, it looks sturdy and compact. It has 12 outlets and wide spacing between the plugs as well as sliding outlet safety covers.
The corners of the outlet have an extra-large spacing ideal for the bigger power adapters.

Also Great

Best Surge Protector Plugable 12 AC Outlet Surge Protector
Belkin 8 Outlet Pivot Surge Protector – Another one from Belkin, Belkin has a huge array of surge protectors that are of good quality and this one is included. You can buy this for $26.47 in Amazon.
This one also has a pivot design with 8 outlets and a 6 foot long cord. I like the design of this one, slim design which is great for any office or workplace.

Also Great

Best Surge Protector Belkin 8 Outlet Pivot Surge Protector

Belkin Conserve Switch Surge Protector – This surge protector from Belkin has a remote, if you want to splurge on something like a surge protector then get this one. The remote enables you to control it with just one click.
This remote can shut down power as well as stand by power at the same time. Downside is its only 4 feet long.

Also Great

Best Surge Protector Belkin Conserve Switch Surge Protector
TRIPP LITE SK120USB Mini Travel Surge Protector with USB 3 Outlet – This outlet is perfect for travel since it’s not bulky. It’s small, compact and won’t take much space in your luggage. It has three outlets and a USB port with a direct plug in with a fold down design.
I would definitely purchase this for travel, you can’t tell when a power surge might happen, might as well amp up the safety when it co to our electronic belongings.

Also Great

Best Surge Protector TRIPP LITE mini travel

Tripp Lite Surge Protector TLP606B Straight to the point at what it does and what it advertises. This has a joule rating which is a good thing so you can monitor the voltage that passes through.I like that it’s slim and can fit behind tables and couches. It has an on and off switch which I find convenient, you can save electricity with a simple switch since most of us plug our electrical gadgets and appliances plugged in on the sockets 24/7. You can just turn it off or unplug it.On the downside, the plugs are placed closed to each other which tend to be a problem for some phone plugs and laptop chargers. I don’t consider this a con but most people view straight plug-ins as more of a con than a pro. This plug has a 90 degree plugin which is rather standard since most outlets are hidden behind entertainment systems and such.The manufacturers should have thought of the spacing when they made the design, I have three phones and I can’t really place them side by side when charging. The spacing is too narrow but normal plugs can be accommodated by it. Other than the issue with the spacing, I have no problem with this.

Best Surge Protector Tripp Lite TLP606B Surge Protector 2

Click for more reviews and price of this product 

Why I recommend buying surge protectors

In my opinion, surge protector outlet are necessary in any home or workplace. We only have a limited number of sockets at home so these surge protectors offers the convenience of letting you plug multiple appliances or devices at the same time.

Also, it will help cut down the cost of your electricity in the long run especially with idle appliances; as long as they are plugged they will consume electricity. Instead of unplugging them one by one, with the surge protector’s multiple outlets you can just turn it off or unplug it and you’re good to go.

The main use of surge protectors is to protect your gadgets and appliances from any incidents of power surges and spikes, these can happen at any time so it’s better to be safe than sorry.

If you are living in an apartment, chances are there are some power outlets that are grounded so to make your living space safer, use a surge protector. Protect yourself and your stuff as well, don’t let a good laptop get fried due to a spike in power or lose your stuff in a fire caused by it; invest in a good surge protector now.

Best Surge Protector Belkin 12-Outlet HomeOffice Surge Protector

Our Best Pick

Belkin 12-Outlet Home/Office Surge Protector


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