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TOP 5 Best Grado Headphones Series Reviewed In 2018


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When it comes to headphones, the term ‘best’ is subjective. The list of considerations made is long including bang for the buck, frequency response, noise cancellation, audio quality, comfort, and price just to name a few. But even so, we all have our favorites, and for different reasons I might add, many of us are Grado enthusiasts. The Brooklyn headphone maker does an excellent job of dividing and defining the headphone world strongly and clearly. The company has made a name for itself designing earphones not through an engineering process, but rather by ear. It doesn’t do much marketing or garner headlines like the flashier brands such as Beats and Bose.

Grado Labs Inc. is a family run business that has been manufacturing handcrafted headphones for decades. They have managed to come up with five distinct series of headphones. Their categories include the

  • Statement Series,
  • Professional Series,
  • In-Ear Series,
  • Prestige Series and the,
  • Reference Series.

Each series comes with its member headphones models. Looking at the reference series as an example, you will realize that it includes the RS1e and the RS2e Grado headphones.

We have luckily done the biggest part for you. We have utilized our time to analyze each series independently. As a result, we have managed to pick the best headphones model under each category/series. In this post, we bring you the five best picks from the five different Grado headphones categories.

It’s important to note that these headphone reviews aren’t approached from an audiophile’s perspective. Instead, we focus on all round qualities like audio quality, style, and design as well as price. So without further ado;

Grado Prestige Series

The Grado Prestige series is the result of 50-plus years of audio research at Grado Labs. The headphone models under this series offer great sound. They are modestly priced to suit any Grado enthusiast. Again they are comfortable on the ears to keep you hooked to the tunes all day. Within this series are six different headphone models. They include the SR325e, eGrado, SR125e, SR225e, SR60e and finally, the SR80e.

Our Best Pick
Grado Prestige Series SR80e

Our Best Pick
Grado Prestige Series SR80e Headphones

- Design: 8.5
- Sound Quality: 8.5
- Features: 8.5
- Value: 8.0

Very Comfort and Bring Great Sounds.

[amazonprice id="268"] on Amazon

Retailing at $99.00 on Amazon, the Grado SR80E Prestige headphones offer an impressive and are quite comfortable, especially considering they are an on-ear model. It is an upgrade of the SR80i, and one of the best sounding open-back headphones. The exterior design of this model isn’t much different from other Grado predecessors. In addition, it is relatively lightweight, and the black foam pads are more comfortable than those found in other models.

Perhaps the only shortcoming with the SR80E is the plug, which is very sturdy. Given that most people use headphones with their smartphones, it would have been better if the plug was more case friendly. In many cases, the case ends up recessing the headphone jack by barely a millimeter, making it impossible to plug the headphone in. While an adapter dongle might help, one shouldn’t have to resort to such a measure in this day and age.

grado sr80e 2

Key features

  • Frequency range: 20-22, 000HZ
  • Impedance: 32ohms
  • Sensitivity at 1kHz: 98dB SPL/mW
  • Speaker type: Dynamic
  • Detachable cable: No
  • Operating principle: Open air
  • Mini plug with ¼ inch adapter
  • Standard copper connecting cord
  • Standard copper voice coil wire
  • Non-resonant air chamber

Why buy them

Luxurious, durable design: For an on-ear headphone, the SR80e are incredibly comfortable. The foam pads are large and soft while the band applies just the right amount of pressure for a firm fit without causing your ears to ache. It also comes with a six-foot cable, which gives you plenty of wiggle room to listen to music and do other things at the same time. The components fitted into the SR80e are durable as well. Rhodium is a type of platinum fitted into the SR80e, which helps prevent corrosion of other components. The cups are joined to the band by use of hefty metal rods while solid reinforcements are used with the thick, brawny cable at every joint. The foam pads can be replaced, thus increasing the longevity of these headphones.

grado sr80e 3High quality sound: One of the most enjoyable moments you can experience when using headphones is noticing an instrument you never noticed before suddenly stand out. The soft tambourine in the background, the clapping of hands, metal coils crackling across the underside of a snare – the delicate auditory details that you notice while using these headsets is incredible, to say the least. All the notes are emphasized from top to bottom to ensure clarity and high levels of detail. This is the kind of experience you have when using the SR80e headsets.

Comfort: These headphones are incredibly comfortable for on-ear design. The band is designed to apply the appropriate amount of pressure for a firm fit while the foam pads are soft and large. This allows you to use them for hours without experiencing discomfort.

The bad

The open back design, unfortunately, means that the SR80e is only ideal for stationary indoors use and not when traveling. You will hear outside noise while using these headsets, and even if you raise the volume, those around you will hear all too clearly what you are listening to. Moreover, the outside noise masks and the 6.83-foot long cable will only bother the people in your vicinity. Another negative is that the only extra that comes with these headphones is a gold-plated stereo adapter. You don’t get a remote, microphone or a case. The SR80e has a volume imbalance in the right and left speakers, which is mainly notable in the high end. The good news is that it’s a flaw that many listeners, unless picky, won’t pick up on.


If you are looking for headphones to use in quiet stationary spaces, the Grado SR80e open back on-ear headphones is what you should buy. Going for less than $100, these headphones deliver tons of clarity, posh design, and extremely detailed audio. And while they aren’t the best option for commutes or public places, the advantages of Grado RS80e are exactly the reason you should invest in them. The fact that they are the definition of the difference between sounding good and looking like they sound great should be a convincing factor.

Grado in-earphonesseries

Grado Labs are glad to bring you this series of in-ear headphones. It’s only right to refer to them as elevated mobile audio. Their sound is exceptional while their overall design is just what you have been missing regarding your appeal. Within this series, are three distinct headphones models. They include the iGe, GR10e, and the GR8e.

Our Best Pick
Grado GR8e

Our Best Pick
Grado GR8e In-Ear Headphone

- Design: 9.0
- Sound Quality: 8.0
- Features: 8.0
- Value: 8.5

Harmonic richness and great vocal quality. Very comfort to use in long time.

[amazonprice id="269"] on Amazon

Grado could have easily ignored the in-ear market, knowing that they manufacture some of the best on-ear headphones that one can buy. But that is not the case. The company branched out into the in-ear market with the pricey GR8 headsets, retailing for $413. While they don’t look as snazzy as some of the competitors, the GR8s offer a more understated and subtle look. The headsets come with ear buds of four different sizes but not a carrying pouch, which is unfortunate for such an expensive investment.

Key features

  • Manufacturer: Grado Labs Inc.
  • Weight: 0.32 oz.
  • Headphone form factor: In-ear
  • Sound output mode: Stereo
  • Frequency response: 20 Hz
  • Sensitivity: 118 dB/mW
  • Impedance: 120 Ohm
  • Connector type: Mini-phone stereo 3.5 mm


  • Great sound quality
  • They are lightweight thus making them easy to carry around
  • Comfortable to wear and listen to music for long periods of time
  • Stylish look
  • Versatile sound profile

grado GR8e 3


  • For their performance, they are quite expensive
  • They don’t come with a carrying pouch, which would come in handy protecting such an expensive investment
  • They come with very few accessories, i.e. tips of three different sizes
  • While the different sized tips help users achieve perfect fit, they are exceptionally small


Design and features

While it is hard to tell from a photograph, the GR8 ear buds have a housing that features glittery, elegant blue finish and silver tips as well as a cable connection that’s reinforced and which sits at an angle which complements the shape of one’s ears. With the tips installed, the ear buds weigh a total of nine grams making them light. The headphones are also comfortable to wear, whether the wire hangs down or is wrapped around your ear.

Over the years, users have grown accustomed to a scanty offering of accessories and things are no different when it comes to the GR8’s. The only additional accessory you get with the package other than the headsets are ear tips of different sizes to work with. You don’t get an earwax removal tool or even a carrying case.

The silver tips are made using pliable silicone for a proper fit, and they are packaged in three sizes. This ensures that you get the highest resolution sound quality. With everyone’s ears being different, finding the best fitting tip is always a challenge but with the GR8s, the tips are really small. For headphones that cost $413, it’s safe to say that one would expect a more versatile offering.

Many would find a huge disappointment that the GR8 headphones don’t come with a remote control for smartphones for even a built-in microphone. With Android and iPhone devices changing where and how people listen to music, it would be great of Grado earbuds came with accessories that were ideal for the changing market.

grado GR8e 2

On the other hand, the non-stick rubber coating on the 5.1-inch cord is a pleasant surprise as it protects it from tangling. It also shields the wire from amplifying the sound produced as a result of clothing rubs. The straight plug at the end of the cable is case friendly as well.


Not many know this, but the GR8 comes with a single moving armature design. At this price level, it is quite a surprise as dual or triple drivers that pump into ear buds are more common. This helps reduce or completely avoid the harsh transitions between tweeters and woofers that produce inaccurate sounds and sometimes sound different from the intended recording. These headphones are also perfect for creating an imaging experience, which sounds, lifelike and natural between your ears. They have a versatile sound profile that makes them ideal for various types of music.


The Grado GR8 headphones are a great addition to the Grado family what with their harmonic richness and great vocal quality. The detailed, insightful presentation and even tonal balance make for good performance. And while many consumers may not feel particularly obliged to buy the GR8 due to its high price, the sound quality is perfect.

Grado Reference Headphones series

‘The classic mahogany favorites’ is a better name for the Grado Labs Reference series. The headphones models under this category come optimized right from the sound quality to the overall finish. They produce a sensational sound that makes even the annoying tunes interesting. The mahogany used in these headphones goes through a redefined proprietary curing to enhance its natural properties. Rhodium, the most treasured metal in the universe, is employed in the ‘e’ series to eliminate undesirable graininess in the music as well as corrosion around the connectors. Also, the open-back form feature on this series’ headphones produces a finer, more authentic and sensational sonic experience. The headphones models under this category include RS1e and the RS2e.

Our Best Pick
Grado Reference Series RS2e

Our Best Pick
Grado Reference Series RS2e

- Design: 9.5
- Sound Quality: 9.0
- Features: 8.0
- Value: 8.5

Organic material made. Good strong cable made, It is special in sound quality.

[amazonprice id="270"] on Amazon

The good: A genuine leather headband and real wooden mahogany earpieces add style to some of the best sounding headphones in the world.

The bad: They are a bit uncomfortable expensive as compared to the competition

Verdict: They are strong contenders for best sounding headphones.


The Grado RS2E is more or less similar to the flagship RS-1 headphones, with the main differences being a slightly narrower range of frequency response and a smaller wooden air chamber. Some of the first things you will notice about the Grado RS2E headphones are that they have a real leather headband, machined metal parts and mahogany wooden ear cups.  The wood parts are specially cured in an elaborative production process that aims at perfecting the Grado sound.

grado RS2e 2

High powered neodymium magnets and ultra-high-purity, long crystal (UHPLC) oxygen-free cables ar4e quite crucial to the sound quality, and so are the left and right drivers, which are matched to high tolerances. They come with 7-foot long, double sided cable that ends in ¼ inch gold plated plug. It’s also important to note that these headphones have impedance rating of 32 ohms, which is far more efficient compared to 120-300 ohms that are popular with high-end headphones. This makes them suitable for use with your iPod.

However, the headphone’s foam made pads, are not very comfortable, and this is probably because they are stiffer as compared to those found in other highly priced headphones, and as such applies more pressure on one’s ears. The cable is also thicker and stiffer than average cables, and this affects comfort as well.

Why buy them

Unboxing and handling: The presentation of the RS2E is quite impactful. They are well-made headphones that feel great in your hand. They are made with organic materials like leather and wood, and as such have the earthy scent and textures one would wish for. The hinged parts, joins, bonds, and stitching all feel solid. The cable is heavy and thick, giving the impression of good insulation.

Plugging in: Grado RS2E headphones come with a seven-foot cable, which is adequate if you only sit within a shorter distance of the source. However, if you plan on seating several meters from the source, you may have to use an extension. The jack is a 3.5mm plug and has a removable 6.5mm attached to it. Both are of very high quality and are plated with gold.

Sound quality: The breadth and clarity of sound when it comes to the Grado RS2E is remarkable. The resonance is spot on, and if you listen carefully, you can hear the guitars’ precise ring, feel the pull of thumb on strings, and hear true bass. While these headphones aren’t popular for their bass, the sound on them is definitely closer and feels more intimate as compared to other headphones in the Grado family. It doesn’t work for every type of music, but the sound quality is something you can work with.

grado RS2e 3

The cons

Uncomfortable: As much as we love the sound on these headphones, it’s discouraging that one has to suffer for it. It takes a short while of using them to start feeling the soreness in your ears, thanks to the foam pads that surround the ear cups. They are stiff and put a lot of pressure on the ears. You can overcome this challenge by ordering yourself a pair of more comfortable replacement pads for a better experience.


For those who crave a rich sound with explosive dynamics, lifelike vocals and natural warmth, the Grado RS2E Reference Series are your best bet. They are an updated version of the RS2i with some of the new updates being a new cable, better acoustic damping, and improved driver design. The ear cups are specially crafted with real mahogany in Brooklyn, New York, and the sound quality just makes you want to re-explore all the tracks in your music library. While they do sound best when coupled with a headphone amplifier, they can also be driven headphone outputs in laptops, a portable player and even most home audio systems.


Lack of comfort aside, Grado RS2E headphones are one of the best Grado headphones you will find. The sound quality is great and works with most audio systems. Buying new pads and adding and extension cable may, however, make the whole experience much better.

Grado Professional Headphones

The Grado Labs Professional series creates an exclusive platform where the world of art finally meets technology. The headphones under this category are not only substantial but also influential. Taking a closer glance at their construction, you will notice their unique features. They come with a hand-crafted mahogany wood, to add on to their compact design. Again, they are expertly cladded with a chrome plated aluminum which adds on to their appealing nature. Each model in the reference series comes with a unique sound capable of turning fury into blossoms of joy. You will love hooking up with your favorite tunes via headphones from the Grado Labs professional series. The headphones under this category include Ps500e and the PS1000e.

Grado PS500e
JLab Epic Bluetooth 4.0

Our Best Pick
Grado Professional Series PS500e

- Design: 8.0
- Sound Quality: 8.5
- Features: 7.5
- Value: 8.0

The bass, mids, and highs are delivered with precision. Very good for audio mastering.

[amazonprice id="271"] on Amazon

Built in the traditional Grado design, the PS500 eschew anything fancy and lean more towards a good sound. Being the little brother of PS1000 professional headphones, Grado managed to cut the price by more than two-thirds without compromising on the performance. They are the second model in the Grado Professional Series line and designed for both sound engineers and audiophiles. They are made for anyone who values high definition and neutrality over everything else. They are comfortable lightweight and like all Grado high-end headphones, they are open-end. The exceptional improvements made in the PS500 were applied with construction lessons from PS1000 in mind. Aluminum shells were added to kill vibrations and dampen the housing while mahogany was used to cover the motors resulting in a highly neutral design. The connecting cable is made of fifteen wires that are enclosed in a proprietary shell. All in all, these are one of the best creations in Grado headphones family.

Key features

  • grado ps500e 12m cable with ¼ inch gold plated jack
  • Manufacturer: Grado
  • On-ear design
  • Aluminum alloy and mahogany earpieces
  • 14-29, 000HZ frequency range
  • UHPLC copper connecting cord
  • UHPLC copper voice coil wire
  • Vented diaphragm
  • Hybrid air chamber

The good

  • Open back design creates an open, spacious sound
  • Solidly built
  • Competitive price considering the sound quality
  • Exemplary sound quality

The Bad

  • The headband lacks adequate padding
  • On-ear design makes these headphones uncomfortable
  • Open-back design means one has to be in a quiet environment to listen
  • They aren’t exactly stylish

The large earpieces and skimpy headband combine what one can only describe as charming at best. But while the look is something I think can be improved, these are purely meant to be used at home. This is attributed to the open back design, which leaks your music the outside world. This makes unsuitable for travel. These headphones also come with a heavy cable, which makes it hard to stuff inside a pocket, thus making portability impractical. The only concession here is that the headphones are lightweight, 300g, which stops them from flying off your head at the slightest movement.

grado ps500e 2

Comfort is not one of the strongest suits when it comes to the Grado PS500. The leather wrapped headband essentially has no padding, and the adjustment mechanism works nicely allowing the cups to adjust to the contours of one’s head. The padding on the earpieces is however far from adequate. In addition, the on-ear instead of round the ear design presents a bit of comfort problem. The speaker grille and padding are both in contact with the ears, resulting in uncomfortable pressure on the ears.

Why buy them

Before getting too carried away with what’s wrong with the design of these earphones, let’s look at what makes them good. For starters, the build quality is great. Much of the structure is made up of metal, other than the plastic clips for the ear cups themselves and plastic parts clasping the adjustment rods. The headband is encased in real leather while the drivers are mounted on a mahogany core. This combination results in a better representation of music, as it eliminates any and all transient distortions.

The cable is of eight conductors, which are made from UHPLC copper thus ensuring optimal signal purity. The cable is also strong and thick, and can, therefore, take on lots of wheelie chair punishment. It’s, however, 2m long, and for some, this is too short. The cable has a ¼ inch jack, which is gold plated.

The PS500 delivers when it comes to sound quality, explaining why many people love them so. They don’t have over-egged midrange warmth, no shrillness to the treble and certainly forced bass. They deliver what’s presented to them in precision. In other words, the Grado PS500 delivers tracks with the warmth, requisite detail and clout that they demand. The top end is not in any way forced and thus fatiguing is rare. You can listen to songs or watch a movie with these for hours. The open back design is an added advantage for some as it gives the sense that the room is filled with sound, and one can pick the instruments as if they were there. However, one has to be in a quiet environment to get the most out of the open back design.

There are many details one can pick when using these headphones. If you listen carefully, you can pick out the squeak of the drummers stool, different guitar players and even the shift in timbre as the French horn cycles. It’s truly a mesmerizing experience.

The frequency range of the PS500 runs from 14-29, 000HZ while the drivers are matched to within 0.05db of each other. The above combination goes a long way in helping build a remarkable soundscape.


The Grado PS500’s are exceptional headphones with great sound. The un-colored, flat sound makes them ideal for at-home use and audio mastering. The bass, mids, and highs are delivered with precision. The open back design doesn’t make them versatile, but for their price they offer a sonic experience and can be used with an MP3 player. Definitely invest in them if the above is what you are looking for.

Grado Statement Headphones series

Entertainment magazines commonly call them “one of the greatest indulgences of the universe.” The Grado Statement Series is at the top of all other headphones on the market. To date, these are the best sounding headphones. Think of looking through the jungle with a freshly cleaned high-resolution lens, and you will feel how the music sounds via these headphones; exceptional and profound. The statement series brings you everything you need to elevate your life through music. Their construction speaks volumes about their performance. If you want to experience the power of music, then the statement series is the way to go. Under this set are the GS1000e and the GS2000e.

Our Best Pick
Grado GS1000e

Our Best Pick
Grado GS1000e Statement Series Open-Air Stereo Headphone

- Design: 9.5
- Sound Quality: 9.0
- Features: 8.5
- Value: 9.0

Expensive but perfect in quality

[amazonprice id="272"] on Amazon

The Grado GS1000e is one of the additions of John Grado to the Grado headphones family, released in 2006. The housings and cushions for these headsets are completely different and the result of a team that designed them from the ground up. These headphones have created a unique sound signature, which is quite different from what we are used to when it comes to Grado headphones. Having been on the market for 10 years, the Grado GS1000e has made a name for itself among the headphone community.


  • Drivers matched to 0.05 tolerance
  • New 8 conductor cable
  • Upgraded driver design
  • grado GS1000e 3Handcrafted mahogany for the earpieces
  • Improved top to bottom frequency response
  • Product dimensions: 3.5 x 9.4 x 9.1 inches
  • Weight: 14.9 ounces

The pros

  • Ear cushions that wrap around the ear for better comfort and listening experience
  • Stylish aesthetic appearance thanks to handcrafted mahogany earpieces
  • Incredible sound quality, both at low and high volume
  • The earpiece design allows for noise masking

The cons

There are hardly any shortcomings to the GS100e headphones.

Why by the GS1000e

Ear cushions: The first great aspect you will notice about the GS100e statement headphones are the ear cushions. They are significantly larger than those of other Grados and wrap around the outer pinna thus allowing for adjustment that gives you the best frequency and tonal balance for your ears.

Comfort: Grado GS1000e statement headphones are also quite comfortable. Grados have always been comfortable, even the HP-1000, which features a lot of metal construction. And while many people may have complained about comfort fatigue when it comes to headphones, GS1000e are some of the most comfortable headphones you will come across. The pads are very soft and hardly exert any pressure on the ears or head as they wrap around the ear nicely.

grado GS1000e 2

Bass performance: The GS1000e is an amazingly accurate and detailed headphone. This is to say that the bass response is mighty responsive and the midrange feels foggy and distant. The headphones have a full-bodied and warm sound. The bass appears to go lower and is most tuneful at the extreme bottom.

The soundstage: The Grado GS100e has quite a huge soundstage, and this is perhaps what makes it such a remarkable statement product. While other Grados place listeners at 3-5 rows farther back, the GS1000e places its listeners at 10 rows back. If that is not real depth to the soundscape, I don’t know what is. This is attributed to a high-resolution system synergy.


Handcrafted mahogany for the earpieces is something to reckon with design-wise. Moreover, these headphones aren’t designed to fit on top of your ears, but rather around them thus creating a private music booth. The music flows with air to keep users comfortable while enjoying the range and clarity. The drivers are individually matched for sonic consistency. The GS1000e are the perfect blend of performance, style, and comfort with lightweight mahogany earpieces, which produce a sound that anyone would kill for.


The Grado GS1000e is a force to reckon with if you love music, and are looking for something that offers comfort and high sound quality. Having being designed to fit around the ears, one would be a fool to pass this level of comfort for whatever reason. The handcrafted mahogany earpieces improve the general look of the headsets, and the headphones are perfect for use while traveling.

How the headphones were chosen for review

The above Grado headphones were chosen for review based on various factors. Price was one of the main considerations. While not many people want to spend more than $100 on headphones, everyone wants to spend their money on a quality product. Durability and versatility are also important. Does the product sound good when listening to different genres of music? Are the components durable? Are they ideal for traveling? The third factor was comfort. People want to be able to listen to music with their headphones for hours and not have to worry about painful ears. So are ear pads available in different sizes? And last but not least, how is the sound quality? Whether an audiophile or not, one can tell when headphones deliver crappy sound. No one wants that kind of thing near their ears. The Grado headphones listed above are just my opinion of what’s best.


Despite not being the brand name we hear every day on media, Grado headphones are among some of the best and the ones discussed above are just a peek into the remarkable work of Joe Grado and his team. Whether you are looking for headphones to use outdoors or indoors, great performance for a small buck or excellent quality for whatever price tag, Grado has it all.

Headphones Buyers Guide

Thanks to technology, anyone who craves high-energy, life-bringing tunes at any time can now enjoy them freely. Headphones have come to the rescue of music lovers who can hardly go a day without having a glimpse at the latest music releases. The advancement in the headphone planet is encouraging. We now have headphones that suit workouts, extreme gaming, and listening at work or home to mention a few. Also, you are free to choose between wireless and wired models. Each headphone model come with a unique style, specifications, as well as sound quality.

At Get-Sale, we come in to bring you everything you need to get the best headphones. We bring you a complete buying guide that sums up a clear description of all types of headphones available on the market. Within this piece, are reviews on the top five best Grado headphones in 2016. Our selection criterion analyzes the sound quality, sensitivity, frequency response, the impedance and also the style of the available Grado headphones before settling on the top five best.

Grado is a re-known manufacturer of unbeatable headphones. Their products speak for themselves regarding sound quality, style and durability. Today, they have managed to come up with many headphones that vary in performance. After analyzing all their releases, we bring you comprehensive reviews on their top five best headphones.

The Buying Guide

Headphone types

Wireless VS Wired

  • Wireless Headphones

If you are looking for headphones to spice up your sport, workout or other outdoor adventures, then wireless headphones are for you. They allow you to connect to your phone or music player without nay wires. Wireless headphones utilize the priceless wireless technology to connect to any device. They facilitate easy movement with fewer tangles.

Bluetooth is the common technology used in many wireless headphones. It’s a technology that works by digitally encoding audio frequencies and later transmitting the sound wirelessly over a short range. Bluetooth is a stable and reliable technology that has seen use in most laptops, smartphones and tablets. It comes embedded in these devices. To connect any two devices, say the headphones and a smartphone, all you need is a simple synchronize which is quick and straightforward.

Wireless headphones source their power from rechargeable batteries. Unlike the wired headphones, you will need to recharge these headphones before use. This is seen as a drawback as once the power is depleted, the headphones cannot operate.

True Wireless:

Regular wireless headphones are not free of wires entirely. You will find that the ear bud models connect the individual ear buds via wire. However, true wireless headphones have done away with the use of wires completely. They come as pairs where each ear has its own separate unit. You will find no tangles in these headphones.

  • Wired Headphones

The wired headphone models utilize the re-known wire connectivity. They connect to your phone, streaming device, MP3 player, or any other tune source via a wire. Wired headphones come with unbeatable advantages. Among them is that you will never need any batteries to use them. They will always serve you as long as your phone or other connected device is working. Also, wired headphones are known to provide the highest sound quality. Gamers will always go for wired headphones. This is to evade the frustration that comes with the batteries dying during an extreme match with the use of wireless headphones.

Headphone styles:

Neck-sitting VS Head-sitting

From the start of headphone development, headphones came with bands that allowed them to sit on the head. With the advancement, we now have headphone models that rest on the neck region. Truth be told, neck-sitting headphones are more reliable and comfortable than the regular head-sitting headphones. You can hardly feel their weight and also, they don’t mess up or interfere with your hairstyle.

Special Features To Consider When Buying Headphones

  • Volume limitation:

Among the special features offered by some headphones is volume limitation. It’s a feature that allows you to maintain the volume at comfortable and safe levels especially during use by a young child. Volume limiting headphones maintain the volume at about 85dB. They find their use among children. However, adults who may want to protect their hearing may find them ideal.

  • Sound Isolation and noise cancellation:

Sound Isolation:

Sound-Isolating headphones utilize a special material to block the surrounding sounds from entering your ears. They fit deeper inside your thus are able to isolate the sound effectively.

Noise canceling:

The noise-canceling headphones come with tiny microphones that help in capturing ambient sounds. The captured sounds are then phase-reversed electronically and later brought back to the speaker’s output. This eliminates the original sounds from the listener’s ears.

Bone conduction:

The bone-conducting headphones come with a design that allows them to rest on the check bones. They bypass your eardrum bring you quality sound right to your inner ear through vibrations in your head’s bones. They are ideal for those who want to listen to clear music without neglecting or isolating the background noise. Joggers will find these types of headphones perfect, as they will always hear the traffic while still listening to great music. You will also find some bone conduction headphones designed for underwater use. You can listen to your music while you swim.

Biometric headphones:

These headphones come to help you monitor your heart rate. They collect information from the ears as you listen to some music. Also, you will find some models that provide you with audio cues essential in enhancing your workouts. Fitness diehards can now analyze their heart rate without the need for any other devices. Most importantly, you will find that most biometric headphones work with the re-known fitness applications.

Controls and microphones:

The headphones made for gaming should come with a boom-mount microphone to allow you communicate with the opponents during a multi-player challenge. The portable headphones, which suit smartphones or MP3 players, may come with a tiny cord-mount microphone together with mute, volume and track advance controls. When dealing with wireless models, you may find these mics and controls on the earpiece.

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