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Zivigo ZV 600 Lightweight Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds

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I am not an audiophile nor do I consider myself an expert when it comes to headphones. I am looking for budget headphones that can at least work with me. I am a very active person, I exercise and train a lot in the gym after work and go on marathons or bike on the weekends.

I came across the Zivigo ZV-600 headphones while searching for quality yet cheap headphones in Amazon. I’ve read some of the reviews and I wanted to buy it to replace my old earphones. I am writing this review based on my personal experience with these headphones.

best bluetooth earbuds Zivigo Bluetooth Headphones caseI received the package a few days after placing my order. The packaging is quite presentable and good if you want to give it as a gift. Once you open the box you will see the headphones neatly tucked in as well as the other accessories like 3 set of eartip and ear hook stabilizer from small to medium and large, along with one micro USB cable charge, one carrying pouch and user manual.

Design: The earphones have an in-ear fit and has a small hook attached for added stability. I am not very picky with colors; this one comes in green, kind of like neon green and black. The headphones are encased in hard plastic; it looks sleek actually and not cheap at all. The cords are thin so I’m worried that they would come off the earphones with one accidental tug.

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Comfort: They actually sit comfortably in the ear once you have the hook secured. There are custom ear buds that you can choose from so you can pick the right size for your ears. I’d say my ears are not too small or big so I chose the medium ones and they fit snugly in my ears. The Zivigo ZV 600 ear buds are soft and non-irritating.

Durability: As I’ve stated, I’m a very active person and I work out a lot. Treadmills, crunches, kickboxing, running, hiking, you name it. What I like about these headphones is that they actually stay in your ear. I’ve had trouble with it the first few times because it keeps slipping off. I was about to give them out but then decided to give it another go. Proper placement is all that’s needed to keep these earphones secure especially when you are moving around. That way they won’t slip or fall off no matter what activity you do.

best bluetooth earbuds Zivigo Bluetooth Headphones 1Functionality: The Zivigo ZV-600 are wireless, Bluetooth earphones and are compatible with most devices from IPhones to Androids. Since most digital devices now are equipped with bluetooth, you won’t have a hard time using these. These headphones have a mic so you can instantly answer calls without touching your phone.

I’ve had several calls come in while using these headphones and the reception is pretty good. The noise reduction feature is quite good; you can hear your music clearly on the earphones and tune out unnecessary background noise especially in a gym full of people.

It has a surprisingly long battery life, it can last you all day. I charged it the whole day prior to using just for extra measure.

Connectivity: I have an iPhone and ipad and I was able to connect it with the earphones very fast. Just a few seconds and I was able to hear music from my pad to the earphones. I went into the next room and left my IPhone on, just to test if I can get a stable connection. I like how strong the connection is with these headphones. My music didn’t get cut or choppy as long as I am within the 10 meter range.

Sound Quality: I’d say sound quality is pretty decent; these are just $29.99 headphones after all so don’t compare them with high end brands. The music is clear and doesn’t get distorted even when you turn up the volume. The treble and bass are not that rich but since I’m using these just for exercise then I can compromise.

best bluetooth earbuds Zivigo Bluetooth HeadphonesPros

  • Budget friendly.
  • It’s wireless which gives you more freedom in moving around.
  • Doesn’t look cheap.
  • Very stable once you are able to place them properly.
  • Bluetooth connection is strong.
  • I was able to answer calls since this has a built in mic.
  • Noise reduction feature works well in noisy environments.
  • Long battery life 6-8 hours at most.


  • Wire looks very thin and might break off when accidentally yanked.
  • Not for audiophiles, but if you are looking for good headphones with decent sound quality then these will do.

Final Thoughts:

I would give it a 4/5 rating due to the issue with the slim wiring; audio is good but not that great.

The Zivigo ZV 600 Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds are very good, budget friendly headphones. If you are looking for a budget headphone to accompany you while you work out then these will be the ones you are looking for.

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